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Sylvia Clare is an experienced and qualified therapist, mindfulness practictioner, writer and speaker. Based on the Isle of Wight, her work in many fields is known internationally.

Sylvia Clare BA MSc Psychol.

About Sylvia

Sylvia is a writer, speaker, poet, family therapist and mindfulness practitioner. She holds a BA Hons. degree in psychology, and MSc in research psychology. Her professional qualifications include MBSR professional development training, certificate in family therapy, certificate in couples counselling and advanced diploma in hypnotherapy.

Sylvia is author of 'The Well-Mannered Penis: How a penis can have a happy, stress-free life' and 'Travelling the Alphabet Emotionally: A journey through life's ups and downs'. She is also a poet, mother, wife, friend, mindfulness teacher, survivor, and still curious. Her other books include 'Releasing your Child’s Potential', 'Trusting your Intuition' and as co-author of 'Living the Life You Want'.

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Sylvia works in a range of disciplines


An author, poet and broadcaster; Sylvia is writing the account of her life and all she has learned from it. Sylvia says "We all take a journey through life and it can be a conscious one or an unconscious one. I lived part of my life unconsciously and then I woke up and lived with increasing awareness of what life is about. Now I have decided to share that journey with others directly."

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Sylvia is an experienced mindfulness practitioner and teacher. Mindfulness is a technique which allows the user to focus the mind and body so that they are in control and aware of themselves and not at the mercy of unecessary thought or concerns. It is increasingly recognised as a particularly effective technique which can be used to overcome a range of personal issues, from the control of pain to the reduction of anxiety. Sylvia gained the dharma name of 'peaceful garden of the heart'.


The Gift of Poetry. Do you want something completely individual and unique for your loved one for the special anniversary? Or do you just want to surprise them? Sylvia Clare will write a personal poem based on information you give her for the person in your life. Prices vary according to length, she will give you a quote on application – guide price £20 per poem. Allow up to three weeks for your poem to be finished.

"I loved this book. I enjoyed meandering my way through the Musicians Muse finding within the words the wit and endurance of a woman who has lived through a deep love for the people in her life."

A Petts, Amazon

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